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Company Philosophy

Seddon Construction Company prides itself in its team oriented and collaborative approach to building, whether it is the construction of a new home with landscaping or the renovation of an existing home.

Design Phase

In a typical project we are involved in many of the preconstruction phases.  Initially we meet with the team and review the design intent to fully understand the project.  During the design phase we provide consultation on construction logistics, budget, project scope, sequence and scheduling.   As the design progresses, we draw on our longstanding relationships with subcontractors and craftsmen,  and bring the expertise of the individual trades to the table.  Towards the end of the design phase, we settle upon a fixed budget and schedule as we prepare to start construction.

Construction Phase

During the construction phase, we provide communication and service to ensure a consistently high level of workmanship and quality. Our responsibilities include coordination and supervision of the various trades, budget management, quality control, and adherence to the schedule.

Project Management

Specifically, we coordinate weekly site meetings with the owner and architect to review details, specifications, product and material samples, and shop drawings for the various phases of construction. Through this vigilance we are able to uncover potential problems early and solve them quickly and efficiently. This keeps the project moving in a positive direction and helps avoid surprises.


Upon completion of construction, we undertake a thorough review of all installations and finishes to ensure everything is in good working order.  Seddon Construction Company takes pride and stands by the product we build.  This insures a satisfied customer on a long term basis.