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You know you chose the best contractor when he’s still taking your calls 10 plus years after the project was completed!

There’s no excuse for not writing this testimonial sooner but the realization that almost eleven years after our beautiful modern and sustainable home was completed, Carter Seddon is still immediately responsive when my number pops up on his mobile was more than motivation!

Although he was brilliant and thoughtful in listening, planning, bidding, problem solving, resourcing, executing, and finishing our new house, pool house, detached office, pool and pond in a timely and on budget manner, it is his ongoing commitment in guaranteeing his work that is truly astounding.

Carter doesn’t hesitate to address any concern, come by to check it out, point us to the solution or fix it. He has never charged us for his above and beyond attention, time or extra work. If we build another home or update this one, Carter will be our contractor. He is our contractor for life!

Bren and Larry Leisure Atherton,


“It is with great pleasure that we share our overwhelmingly positive experience about working with Seddon Construction in building our home in Atherton, CA. Working with Carter Seddon, from the earliest planning stage, to the final punch list removal was an absolute delight. So frequently we have heard negative stories of ‘building a house’, however, we did not experience any of these anxieties or concerns.

We began working with Carter Seddon, our architect, and the landscape designer from the very beginning. We found this to be critical in both exploring all of the design elements of our project, but also to focusing in on the materials and expected construction costs. Throughout the process, which took over one and a half years to complete, we had no significant surprises or unexpected cost increases, other than our own requests for some specific changes. The end result was nothing less than spectacular. More importantly, since completing the house, we have maintained a close relationship with Seddon Construction. They have always been there when we needed a repair or had a question.

We found the professionals who worked for Seddon Construction to be highly accomplished and extremely polite, neat, and considerate. In addition to his own employees, Carter Seddon has identified a group of sub-contractors who are of the highest caliber of craftsmen, and share in his strong “customer focused” approach to construction.

Without a doubt, we are extremely pleased with our home, and we owe a great deal of gratitude to Seddon Construction for making this a reality. The process was painless and actually quite fun. For these reasons, my wife and I enthusiastically and without any reservation give Seddon Construction our highest recommendation for anyone considering a construction project, be it large or small.”

Lulu and Larry Frye
Atherton, CA


“It’s not just that Carter Seddon built a beautiful home of extraordinary quality for us — on budget — it’s that we enjoyed sharing a cup of coffee with him as we reviewed drawings, building materials and fixtures. He’s both a consummate professional and a delightful human being. The fact that he worked so well with our architect and landscaper contributed to a remarkably stress-free construction phase.”

— John Moragne and Kimberly Young


“We renovated our 1917 San Francisco home in 2001-2003 and doubled it in size. The project was ambitious and rather dicey as we were excavating back into our south-facing uphill-sloped garden about 200 feet. We had no street egress so materials came and left through a small hole in the former kitchen floor. The excavation revealed some significant soils issues which necessitated building a cement and steel girder ‘highway’ under the new wing of the house. This wasn't an easy project for Seddon Construction, but Carter was unflappable. He is a perfectionist without the prima dona ego that often accompanies a great mind and vision. His billing timeline was clear and honest and his sense of humor brought consistent levity to the table — a big plus when a family is uprooted for two years as we were. Our new home has been showcased in a couple of magazines, including House Beautiful. Carter's recommendations for the subs from structural engineering to landscape was spot on and his Seddon Construction core team felt like family by the end of the project. We wouldn't change a thing if we had to do it over again.”

— Julia and Thomas McKenna